We write, produce and perform new myths as a way of representing and re-imagining the realities of human survival through war and injustice.

We collaborate with artists working in live performance, particularly in dance, music and theatre. We consult on various elements of performance-making, including:

  • Re-interpreting myth and story
  • Integrating ritual and ceremony within choreography
  • Rite-of-passage training for artists
  • Re-imagining conflict, war, injustice and reconciliation in narrative
  • Engaging audience in live participation
  • Applying myth-making to CPD (Continued Professional Development)

Peacefire Frontier’s ethos of performance is to develop new performing mediums that are instinctive, participatory and electrifying. The vision is for these methods of performance to be adapted by groups worldwide in ways that unite people across conflict and galvanise inclusive participation in the making of peace in our times.